Cold storage warehouse all logistics services

Storage temperature from -20 °C to 0 °C.

The warehouse is certified for Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Unloading, marking, weighing, packaging, etc.

Issue of veterinary certificates and documents.

Customs agenting services

Fire and security alarms installed.

Civil liability insurance for services.

Logistics solutions and services.


UAB “Frigolita” has established commercial warehouses available for storage of frozen food products (from -20°C to 0°C).

The warehouses are equipped with an up-to-date goods accounting software. All premises are in a protected area with fire and security alarms installed. All services rendered are covered by civil liability insurance.

Warehouses provide cargo unloading, storage, sorting, marking, weighing, picking, packaging services, and issue veterinary certificates and other veterinary documents.

Customs agenting services:

Trade deal execution.
Preparation of customs documents.
Representation of agents by declaring wares for all customs procedures.

About us

UAB “Frigolita” began its operations in 2003; its professional and responsible work allowed developing a range of storage services and gaining the trust of partners.

The company’s employees are experts in the rules of transportation and logistics of frozen cargo, the procedure of transportation of specific products, and documentation

With a wide range of services, experienced employees and reliable partners, UAB Frigolita can provide high quality services.


  • Storage;
  • Loading works;
  • Sorting;
  • Assembly;
  • Labeling;
  • Packaging;
  • Documenting commercial transactions;
  • Freight forwarding;

Those Who Trust Us

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UAB “Frigolita”
  • Dvaro str. 162 G, LT-76197 Šiauliai
  • VAT code: LT458903716
  • Enterprise code: 145890372

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